About the map

Human rights defenders and other civic actors at risk can struggle to identify and access the local and international support that they need in an emergency. The Protection Ecosystem Map helps both those at risk and other organisations in the ecosystem navigate the protection mechanisms, security grants, and other support that may be available.

Users can navigate the map in full screen or browse or search the database. Users can also filter the results by the type of support, the thematic focus, and/or the regional focus in order to narrow down their search further. Any column in the database can be sorted alphabetically. Users can save their results as a custom URL or export them as a CSV file.

The Map was developed by Open Briefing and made possible thanks to the support of the National Endowment for Democracy and Oak Foundation.

About Open Briefing

Open Briefing prevents and responds to serious attacks on civil society and civic space around the world and works to create the conditions in which they no longer happen.

Our international team provides human rights defenders and other civic actors at risk with emergency support, capacity building, and multilingual resources to improve their safety and security, digital security, and wellbeing and resilience. We also help charities, grantmakers, and social businesses understand and meet their risk management and duty of care commitments to staff and local partners.